Sexual Empowerment & Life Coaching






…from Pain to Pleasure

Can you choose to live the life you are dreaming of?

CHOOSE to feel alive, energized and become the person you want to be?


…because that’s exactly what I did four years ago!

The symptoms of my auto immune disease were at it’s peak, I was full of physical pain, fatigue, sadness, frustration and just no motivation and joy anymore. So I had to make a choice!…


"Sanya was holding space for me…

… and guiding me to see myself with more clarity. I can see things from a bigger picture now, than my usual way of thinking was. With her support I received great tools and integrity which do help me to grow in my life."

— Christiane Koziol, 34, Germany




The main focus in my work is to bring joy and pleasure back into your life, because both of them lead me to HEALING.

PLEASURE is not the absence of pain, but rather the decision that something else is more important than the pain
— sanya alaya

I want to work with you if you are a man or woman and if you are feeling a certain pain in your life, that you don’t want to be your focus anymore.

The pain of a disease, symptoms or emotions that are overwhelming you.

The pain of feeling fatigued, being in physical pain or having to fight your food intolerances.

The pain of feeling not good enough, of feeling frustrated with your life as it is, of being depressed and disconnected or being stuck in a life that doesn’t feel like your purpose.

Did you ever notice that all this makes you even feel isolated, misunderstood and lonely? Social life has become rather a burden than joy and the success in your life seems like ages away?

Your emotions are a constant up and down or not even accessible for you anymore. You swallow all the pain and anger and frustration from your childhood and about your current situation. As a result you are feeling disconnected from your body.

And sex? Pleasure? Is that even a thing?

What if I tell you that success and pleasure go hand in hand?

I am working with men and women who have that awareness already. That awareness that there is more in life for them!

We are a great match if YOU want to change your life and are not in “blaming-the-world” mode. If you are aware that you have the power to transform your life!

If you want to choose pleasure over pain!

Only the how is still a mystery to you and you need support with that?

four years ago I was exactly there!

And that is why supporting you on your way out of that hamsters wheel is my full heart passion!

You are ready to reclaim the power over your life!

Saying NO to pain, playing small and all limitations!

it is time to take the leap FROM PAIN TO PLEASURE!


"Sanya has a loving and peaceful energy…

…that helped me to open up and feel that I can be myself. She is the kind of person that you can trust and count on. She is herself and expects others to be themselves. She is a top coach, and I am truly excited to learn more from her in the future. A person that I see as an extraordinary example for a better change in the world.

— Sif Yraola, 28, Iceland


Together we will:

Bring back joy, ease and pleasure into your life…

  • Explore your current situation

  • Explore who YOU are and how YOUR perfect life looks like

  • Create awareness about the root and cause of your pain(s)

  • Define your goals and what you want to achieve by when

  • Develop a seven step plan to get you there with ease and flow

  • We work WITH your body and time capacity - self care is the highest priority!

  • Release limiting beliefs and emotional blockages

  • Reconnect you to your body, sensuality and pleasure

  • Enable you to use your yummie sexual energy to create the life you want

  • Raise your integrity and personal power

  • Retrain your brain and thoughts to be happy again

  • Create a plan for additional steps that support you



In the 20 min inquiry session we will find out together what your goal is,

if we are a good match and if yes, HOW you want to work with me :)

This are your options:

  1. Sexual Empowerment & Life Coaching via skype

  2. Personal Tantric Bodywork sessions

  3. PLEASURE ALCHEMY - a mixture of both


* all sessions are available in English or German!


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?



  • single session:

    ca 60min - 110€

    via zoom/skype or one-on-one


Rising Star Package

6 sessions    -    690€


Full Activation Package

12 sessions    -   1190€

via zoom/skype or one-on-one


  • 30 min consultation (to define your goal and what you want to achieve)

  • weekly check in

  • lots of tools for your own practice and daily life

  • 3 guided meditations for your practice

  • juicy (non-compulsory) home practice to speed up your success

  • my availability for urgent questions in between the sessions