Abdominal Chi Massage

organ detox massage


...release yourself!

me: "During my massage from Thanachai all of a sudden I kind of woke up and noticed that the crystall cave in which I was, must have been a vision. I was completely blissed out, deeply relaxed and euphorical joyful afterwards."




Abdominal Detox Massage, also known as Abdominal Chi Massage is inspired by Chi Nei Tsang, a traditional Taoist healing massage developed by Mantak Chia. This ancient massage technique, which blends Chinese and Thai massage and meditation techniques, detoxifies, regenerates, rejuvenates, releases and balances your physical and emotional body by massaging and energizing your abdominal area.

This massage is working with the energy of the internal organs (also known as Chi) by using a deep touch into the abdomen. Detoxifying and activating your kidneys, intestines, heart, bladder, stomach, spleen and navel will increase your vital functions, activate your nervous system, and support you to reach (and release!) deep stored, unprocessed or forgotten emotions like fear, worries, anger and depression or traumas.

You will feel "getting moved" and experience a new inner space which allows your healing and creations to blossom. 


Gift yourself a coaching session with me after the massage! As described above this massage helps you to reach deep into yourself and to open up. This raw state is perfect to dive even a step deeper into your mind, emotions and feelings. To release and transform what is there and no longer serves you.

And finally to create

the best version of yourself <3


wonderful healing experience….

Abdominal detox with Sanya is a wonderful healing experience. Starting with a short guided meditation, which was both times completely appropriate to my mood, you will gently reconnect with your body and experience different sensations. This massage technique goes deep into your belly, which is also called the "second brain" by scientists. With the healing sounds that Sanya and you voice for each organ, you are in a profound meditation and at the same time in a release of physical pain and emotions. The first time I had some tears coming out and I really welcomed them. The second time Sanya invited me to express my anger and was there to support me when she felt that I needed it. At the end of the massage you will feel light and balanced. This massage is an act of love where you care for yourself and go into a beautiful energy. I recommend it to EVERYONE!

— Caroline, 28, Bordeaux / Koh Phangan



  • increases flow of nervous system

  • detoxifies the internal organs

  • releases lower back pain

  • improves circulation and digestion

  • helps prevent cancer and paralysis

  • calmes tension in the belly

  • activates lymphatic flow

  • clears emotional trauma and blockage

  • supports a strong immune system

  • channels spiritual energy

  • releases toxins and bad emotions

  • increases inner calmness and joy

  • improves insomnia

  • improves mood and mental clarity


* NOT for pregnant women and NOT for people who had any kind of belly operation during the last year



...diving deep!

Together we will bring you in a state of deep release and openness. Your body stores and remembers your whole life, all your emotions and traumas. It´s time to free yourself!


60 min   -    90€

90 min    -    120€

* the prices and duration are inclusive introduction talk, shower and end relaxation

* For countries outside of Europe and Australia adjusted 1:1 BODYWORK SESSION prices apply!...please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information :)