10 steps to a happy life with Hashimoto and Fibromyalgia


…How i am successfully healing my thyroid auto immune and chronic pain disease…

…such a longterm mission - but I’m dedicated and making amazing progress!

I honestly don’t know where to start and how to get it all in one article. But the good news is, I don’t have to. The only thing that I feel that I have to, is…to GET IT STARTED :)


Me and my Hashimoto…

When I was sixteen I got diagnosed with a under productive thyroid and was super happy about that. Happy to have found an answer to my tiredness and happy to be able to simply take a little hormone pill that would give me the thyroid hormones my body wasn’t sufficiently producing…

…it all seemed solved. - oh was I wrong!

I wish my doctor would have investigated in WHY I have this disease and given me (and my body) the chance and time to try to regulate it naturally. Instead I was given the standard l-thyroxine medication immediately. As it is the regular procedure. And unfortunately doctors are not nearly as well educated about thyroid diseases as they should.

Every 10th (!) woman nowadays has Hashimoto!

Hashimoto is the auto Immune disease that attacks your thyroid. And it is really important to understand that difference.

It’s NOT your thyroid itself that is sick!

It’s your auto immune system that is attacking your thyroid and slowly starts destroying it.

Your thyroid is that little butterfly shaped, walnut sized organ in your throat which regulates your body functions such as temperature. nervous system, metabolism and digestion.

Common symptoms that your thyroid is not producing enough hormones are:

  • hair loss

  • weight gain

  • fatigue

  • slow digestion / constipation

  • food intolerances

  • leaky gut

  • joint and muscle pain

The list is longer than 300 symptoms and there is a lot to find on google. So this is not what I will go into in the article.

Important disclaimer! : I AM NOT A DOCTOR! All information in this article is based on my personal studies about Hashimotos disease and on my personal experience with my own body! Always consult a doctor before changing anything in your medication plan or before undergoing major changes / trials in anything regarding your treatment!

Following my own intuition rather than the doctors advice is slowly but steady healing me

When I was in my mid twenties I started to suffer immensly!

Draining joint and muscle pain, fatigue that made me fall asleep in front of the computer at work, intolerance to almost every food and depression are just some parts of it.

Doctors now even diagnosed me with fibromyalgia, which can be best summarised as a chronic-all-body-pain disease. There is no evidence that will proof you that you have it, but it is diagnosed by exclusion of other diseases!

And honestly? - I’m not sure anymore if I believe in this disease at all!

Doctors told me that I have to get used to the pain now. They immediately offered me anti-depressants to soothe the pain. And told me to avoid tress - even positive stress like travelling or holidays - in order to not excite my nervous system.

So that was it. My life? - done!

No travelling, full of pain and with the prospect of ending on morphium around the age of fourty. (again…this uplifting news i got from doctors!)

read more about that whole story of me here: https://www.sanyaalaya.com/about-me/


After weeks of crying, grieving and research, I had to make a choice!

I’m gonna heal myself!

Whatever it takes!

read here what helped me to reduce my dosage of 150 mg to 75 mg, to become almost pain free and solve my food intolerances and hair loss.

10 steps to improving your Hashimoto:

  1. Educate yourself about Hashimoto. Read literature, books (eg the books from Dr. Datis Kharazzian) and medical sources or join a facebook support group, where you can talk to others and learn heaps from their personal experience.

  2. Get off the anti baby pill !!!! Hashimoto is mainly caused through hormonal changes like the pill, pregnancy and meno pause. When I got off my pill my blood results got instantly better AND I could reduce the dose of my medicine!

  3. Check all my important nutrients and fill them up to the upperest level of what is recommended.

    Those include: vitamin D3 (google about the high dosage intake of it), vitamin B12, selenium, magnesium (use mainly magnesium oil! the body absorbs a hundred percent of the magnesium through the skin and doesn’t affect your guts. When you take magnesium as a pill only one third will be absorbed and the rest will leave your body again). Check also zinc and iron!

  4. Detox your body completely: start taking Astaxanthin (a natural antioxidant), eat only organic food, no more perfume or body lotions, avoid any chemicals as far as possible, no magnesium stearat in the medicine, no alcohol

  5. Leave out gluten from your diet!

  6. Leave out sugar and any carbohydrates as much as possible! (google Paleo Diet and Keto Diet)

  7. Shift your focus on the beautiful things in life and MAKE THE SINCERE CHOICE TO HEAL!

  8. Reconsider if your job and lifestyle are in alignment with YOU! ( No - they weren’t for me -> change them!)

  9. Start yoga, meditation and self development

  10. Realise that an auto immune disease is a disease that attacks yourself!

    So…I am attacking and destroying myself! Wow- let that sink in!

    This is one of my major insights and approaches to heal myself.

    Stop attacking and destroying myself!

    Work on self love and acceptance of who I really am!

So….With all that I could reduce the amount of my daily medication to half of it!

Over the period of two years I slowly, slowly took less and less. &mg less, getting used to it for two months, 12 mg less, getting used to it again, etc. I reduced my dose from 150mg to 75mg!

This should only be done with a doctor! You need to listen super carefully to any symptoms of your body and get your blood regularly tested by a doctor. When my fatigue for example got much stronger and nor better and I noticed strong hair loss I knew I was too low and started taking natural thyroid boosts. This helped strongly, but I did that on my own risk and this is not something I would recommend to anyone. You have to have an outstandingly good body awareness and otherwise…definitely do it together with your doctor!

Something almost impossible (according to regular doctors). Especially as I only have less than half of my thyroid left!


But the idea of relying on a daily medicine is still something I don’t like. My long therm dream is to be able to regrow my thyroid (by intention and meditation and by reducing my medicine further so that the thyroid is forced again to work. Why should the body regrow the thyroid when the daily hormonal amount is coming comfortably from outside?)


My message here is: Don’t give up!

Your body is super wise!

There are many underlying reasons why you get a certain disease. There is a great teaching in it for you!

Always look at the WHY!

And still…physical reasons are not to be underestimated and I know myself how disappointing and attacking it can feel when people tell you “it’s all psychological!”.

If you have a organ that is not working right anymore it is NOT ALL PSYCHOLOGICAL!

Take care of all parts of your disease. It can be tiring and and endless search, because whats right for me might not be right for you (for example: i’m doing super well with the keto diet and it took me ages to find that out. Others are better off, for example with being vegan - which was totally unsuitable for me!)

Take care of your precious body and give it love and nourishment!

That might be the best medicine and biggest lesson for this lifetime anyway!

Love, Sanya