My Health Secrets


Health. Such a precious good. Such a given thing. Until it’s gone.

You are used to your well being, to your fitness, and to your looks. Until one day your body decided to take you down a different lane. For some that is when the are already grannies, for other in their thirties and for even others even during childhood. One thing they have in common...your world all of a sudden changes dramatically. Did you ever consider any health struggles as your…


When I look back at my health history I can see that my body was much wiser than me since long and always wanted to communicate to me. But I didn’t listen. I didn’t have the awareness. Nor the support.


This blog will be all about physical health.

I will be sharing with you how I managaed to get over my fibromyalgia, how I reduced my hashimoto medication to the half, what helps me to better sleep and about the magics of your diet. Mainly I will be simply sharing with you my own process - and that’s an ongoing one. I love to experiment and try new things to see how they affect me and my health.

It wont be about the regular doctors recommendations, it will be about holistic and alternative ideas and solutions.

What health challenges are you facing? Do you have hashimoto or fibromyalgia and want any advice in particular? Drop me your questions in the comments and I will come back to them soon in my articles.

Love, Sanya