why not dedicate my life to love?


yes, why not?

why not dedicate my life to love?

why not dedicate your life to love?

oh i know!

• because it is scary.

• because we might get hurt.

• because we might get rejected.

• because we are afraid of commitment.

• because we will be called upon our integrity.

• because we are afraid to loose freedom.

• because living from love is a romantic hippie idea but has nothing to do with this reality.

• because making money and creating material safety first is more important

• because we might loose all reasons to complain and be frustrated.

• because we would not be angry and annoyed anymore.

• because we would be called upon our responsibility.

• because we might start to feel all the not-love that is happening on this earth.

and be overwhelmed by it. feel it too much.

• because love would set us free.

• because we would be happy.

oh! wait a moment....we are not doing something that would make us happy?

but why?

the answers are just in front of us but yet we resist...

well...as much as we are TALKING about wanting to be happy and free, for most of us this is the biggest fear!

if we want to admit it or not...

showing up in our light, full of love and compassion, open and vulnerable would pull us out of our comfort zone,

will put you in full responsibility for your life and not allow hiding and victim hood and staying small anymore...

so why are we holding on to it?

what is the benefit?

what are you getting out of it?

what parts of yourself are you trying to protect?

what if everything that you are striving for will be coming from opening yourself to love???

what if love is the key to EVERYTHING?

allowing LOVE into our life, meeting it with all of our heart, not neglecting any possible fear or pain, being vulnerable, compassionate towards ourselves and others....



Love, Sanya

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