Fighting my Fatigue - Taking my thyroid medicine before bed




My latest change since a week is, that is stopped taking my medicine in the early morning, as usually recommended.

Studies show that you can also take the hormone in the evening.

I am still crazily suffering from fatigue.

Especially during midday until afternoon. In the evening it becomes better. And at night then I am really fit and creative. Like almost the opposite way around as it should normally be.

As I found out now, there is the chance that it’s to do with the timing of the intake of my L-thyroxine Hashimoto medicine. And not just because I‘m a night person. Maybe I’m not even - and it’s just the drug?

The following seems to be a good explanation for me: Studies show that the thyroid hormone in the pill can create a peak 2-3 hours after you took it (which would be around noon, when I take it in the morning!) This peak often leads to tiredness!

Some people are way better off taking it in the evening and then sleeping through their tiredness, while the peak happens during night.

(I’m not writing about the study itself here, so please do your own google research if you want to know more!)

And as I’m still trying to get the last missing bits together to become totally symptom free, I suddenly had that strong feeling to give it a try.

I‘m doing this since a week and will let you know about my progress. So far it seems to be working well…although I can’t report any major improvement.

But also I’m in Mexico since only a week and still adjusting to the climate, new food and a bit of jet lag.

I’m not having my usual crazy afternoon low, although I still feel like having a nap. This could also simply be because my body is used to it and it shows maybe up as a pattern. A pattern that my body will loose as soon as she get used to not being tired anymore during day.

In the first night I experienced strong and vivid dreams. But again…this is totally not unusual for me.

It is important that you take the medicine sober!

So either you take it 30 min before dinner or 2 hours afterwards. I’m still experimenting what works better for me and started with taking it after dinner. I might shift it to before though, as I’m waking up around six in the morning those days. But this could also be due to jet lag and new sleeping surrounding and climate.

Or maybe I’m just way less tired? :D

I’ll keep you posted….

Love, Sanya