Getting Conscious with Kink


Conscious Shadow Exploration

I am happy to share with you that I will be assisting Seani Love in his wonderful Conscious Kink Weekend Workshop in London.

And therefore I was sitting down to write a little text about it. Pondering about the space we want to find. The importance of boundaries and consent. The potential to free ourselves from shame and fear. The opportunity to explore and be playful.

When we work with our sexuality we wont be able to avoid having a look at the shadow parts of it. Denied desires, fantasies, the wish to fully surrender or dominate, or any other fantasy that you are having but not allowing.

“Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is.”
— Carl G. Jung

We carry so much shame and guilt within us. Not allowing ourselves to be who we truly are. Hiding partly. Far away from full self acceptance. And where there is a lack of self acceptance, there is unfortunately also a lack of self love.

Imagine a life where you are free from all of that. Where you feel completely empowered to fully be who you are. Full Self Expression.

I'm not saying that you need kink for that!

But maybe there is this voice in you that whispers and maybe even screams with fascination and curiosity.

My wish for you is to find a place where you can explore this.

A conscious place. Where boundaries and consent are practised and highest priority. Safety is an absolute must. You need to make sure that you don’ t traumatize or retraumatize yourself. Often this happens actually because we don’ t know our own boundaries. We don’t full know what we want. Or not. So we don’t voice it. You need to be in a space where this is acknowledged and supported. Rather be too careful, don’t participate and simply watch until you have a full body Yes from yourself.

A place where you meet like minded people who can support you with your emotions, fears or excitement. A space where you wont be judged for who you are, but encouraged to expand your inner calling.

A place to find out about your YES's and NO's. A place and facilitators who hold that space for you, while you can enjoy a conscious and understanding journey to yourself.

A space like we will create in London at the 22nd and 23rd of June in the workshop of Seani Love that I will be assisting.

Getting Conscious with Kink.

Let me know your thoughts, experience or questions to that topic!

Love, Sanya