Freebie Sex Magic

Up-level Your Life And Come One Step Closer To Internal Freedom!

Inside I am sharing with you grounding exercises, connecting meditations and a guided Sex Magick ritual for you to do at your own pace and embody a new, pain free YOU <3

What People Are Saying:

HAVE YOU LEARNED ANYTHING NEW, OR NOTICED ANY PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION THROUGH DOING THIS COURSE? "Yes, it was so easy to hear my inner words, these words which don't come frome my mind. Until now that was more difficult for me. And the playlist for dancing was great and helped me a lot to be really cheeky like in former times. Then the sexmagickritual - it was really the first time I could do self-love without any inner pictures to help and that was a destination of me, because I thought it could go deeper without these pictures, which bring me to the orgasm very fast. And in fact it was going very much deeper and wide open with crying and weeping and a lot of energy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Aline, 41, Germany

Sanya Alaya is a teacher of the future. Her course "Sex Magick" integrates sex into life. Not for voyeurs. All for seekers.

Leo, 37, Athens, Greece

WHAT DID YOU ENJOY MOST ABOUT THIS COURSE? "The deep and high level energy I ever felt. And the confession that thru this practicing and exercising I could develop me in my third eye and increase the heeling power of all people who take part on this work. And the vibrating or power /energy resonance of all parts of a so calls singularity deep inside of me and the her silence wich Never went apart or left beyond/ besides. A meltingpoint to unite the basic strongest feelings of a fulfilled Live ---- Love ❤️ Lust and Pain. The Presense of higher beeings then us as a Part of us and the surrender to a uncondisional love under will." /// "that it was prepared like a party, a big rendevous, and so fulminant was it in the end." /// "The simplicity of your approach and the way you guide through the process. The documents also are very helpful." /// "Your advice about overcoming pain"

Various participants of the course

HAVE YOU LEARNED ANYTHING NEW, OR NOTICED ANY PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION THROUGH DOING THIS COURSE? "After a my long marriage full of mental violence and dependency, I finally got out of it last summer. Meditation (with Deepak Chopra) and a lot of reading (Osho being my favourite) , I am mentally aware of the basic spiritual concepts. And I love and live them. Until now, I worked a lot on that spiritual level, but I had not included my body and my sexuality. As you can imagine, in my mariage this part was completely erased and I have just started to discover, for the very first time ! Your course gave me a glimpse of how I can evolve and have a much better connection to my body (and soul). "

Alan, 46, Austin, Texas

Although I even don't know her, Sanya was a very gently and strong guidance in my inner temple. I didn't believe that this is possible with the media. I'm very very thankful.

Luisa, 36, Utrecht, Netherlands