Beloved, this course is very dear to my heart and I wish that everyone who needs it can access it. The regular price of this course is 45€. 15€ is for people who are living from paycheck to paycheck and don´t have savings, 45€ would be for people who can afford to go on holidays at least once a year. I trust your honesty to pay what is right <3

The Healing Potential of Tantra and Kink

With this 2h masterclass you get a practical introduction to Kink, BDSM and Tantra that looks beyond the practice and play for pleasure and joy.

What are their Healing Potentials?

Are there any? And if so...why and how?

Spoiler: there are many! But only if we understand the deeper psychology behind it and know what to do and what to avoid. And only then we can prevent more trauma and instead unlock the healing potential.

What People Are Saying:

This masterclass has been such a great inspiration for me! I am really grateful to have a better understanding why some people enjoy pain and to have learned so much about trauma and how to deal with it - or even prevent it - when playing with kink. My partner felt much more open with me, as she experienced more saftey in my actions towards her.

Peter, 43, Adelaide, Australia

Thank you Sanya for making me aware WHY kink has such an important role in my life. Not only is it the pleasure that I am getting out of it but through your explanation of "Reenactment" I could also see how it has been actually helping me to heal some of my own traumas. It feels really good to know, that I did not make that up, but that it is really possible and that there is even science about it!

Kyra, 28, Brussels, Belgium

So cool to see that there are people who finally teach how to approach kink more safely! I enjoyed Sanya´s down to earth energy and her approach that is based on science, somatics, tantra/energetics and her own experience. And I also loved to have someone explain how flow and altered states can be connected to kink and how kink is NOT about creating harm, but rather about creating connection and healing - at least in the best case as I know not everybody uses kink like that. Which is why I truly believe that everybody should educate themselves and this masterclass is an amazing and comprehensive resource for it!

Susanne, 35, Münster, Germany