Sensual Kink & Shadow Work

  • tantric body- and breath work

  • sensual rope play

  • shadow exploration

  • consent and boundary practice

  • shame and guilt release

  • fantasy and desire liberation

  • sacred role play

  • pain & PLeasure deep dives


When working with our sexuality, healing our wounds, becoming more conscious and raising our awareness so we can create a more wholesome life, we wont be able to avoid having a look at the shadow parts of it. Actually…we CAN avoid it - but not, if we truly want to expand and progress.

Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is
— Carl G. Jung

deeply healing!

“Kink, for anyone who is sceptical or curious, is so deeply powerful in its ability to release shame and dislodge blocks to being the beautiful, sexy, shiny beings we’re supposed to be! It’s transformative, ecstatic and deeply healing. Try it!”— Participant, Conscious Kink Workshop, London

We carry so much shame and guilt within us. Not allowing ourselves to be who we truly are. Hiding partly. Far away from full self acceptance. And where there is a lack of self acceptance, there is unfortunately also a lack of self love.

A lack of self love keeps you small and wont allow you to show up in your life as your greatest version!

Instead we tend to beat ourselves down for denied desires, fantasies, the wish to fully surrender or dominate, or any other fantasy that you might be having.

Imagine a life where you are free from all of that. Where you feel completely empowered to fully be who you truly are.

Full Self Expression.

I am here to support you with that!

Since my early twenties I have been exploring the realms of conscious kink and shadow work and had the privilege to experience some of my most healing and liberating moments in that!

I was very lucky to always be surrounded by very well communicating and conscious people in this field.

Are you one of them? Or want to become one?

Or are you searching for healing and liberation yourself?

I am here to support you to find out who you truly are! Hold space for your emotions, fears and excitement.

Together we create a safe space where you wont be judged for who you are, but encouraged to expand your inner truth.

Where you can allow yourself to explore your capacity to surrender or to guide.

Experimenting with your power and control - how it feels to give or to give over.

Or do you want to learn the skills of a potent receiver or giver?

To explore the sensual dynamics of rope play, pain & pleasure or creative role play?

What fantasies do you have, but are not allowing?

I will hold you in them without any judgement, but understanding and acceptance. No need to feel shame or insecure! We will work with that and allow you to feel proud and confident about who you are. You are absolutely normal and not alone!

enter this place to find out about your YES's and NO's and embark on a conscious and liberating journey to yourself.


…I had a truly liberating experience!

“I loved Seani & Sanya’s incredible, unique capacity and skill to hold the space, which felt deeply sacred, safe and nourishing.

I loved the consent-based negotiations/trust, acceptance of emotions, play, fun and safety.”

— Participants, Conscious Kink Workshop, London


Liberation and growth doesn’t happen within your usual comfort zone!

  • but working with your hidden desires and wishes…
    • expanding your tolerance and understanding of others and yourself…
    • facing your fears and shadows…
    • learning to confidently communicate your boundaries and no’s…
    • releasing shame and being ok with who you are beyond your conditioning…

    ...will do!

    Who are you when you have full permission to express yourself?
    How would your life look if you were a hundred percent yourself?
    Who do you need to be, to know who you are and what you want?



Example (!) structure of a session:

  • To begin with we will have a introduction talk to find out together what it is that you want to get out of your session, create a safe container and set clear boundaries.

    Boundary setting and developing a clear communication is one of my most important cornerstones in this work!

  • From there the session will develop very individually according to your intention and topic. Please be aware that all this will be happening in a sacred and tantric container, where exploration and awareness creation are always the focus!

  • We always end with a debriefing to bring you back into this world and clarify your learnings, possible needs and take-aways ;)

clear your own shit - so that you can spread

love and joy! <3


  • singles sessions:

2,0 h   -    270€

2,5 h - 320€

3,0 h - 370€

* prices and duration are inclusive introduction talk, shower and end relaxation



  • 30 min consultation (to define your goal and what you want to achieve)

  • 6 one-on-one Conscious Kink Bodywork sessions a 2,0 h

  • 3 one-on-one zoom coaching sessions 

  • weekly check in

  • lots of tools for your own practice and daily life

  • 3 guided meditations for your practice

  • juicy (non-compulsory) home practice to speed up your success

  • my availability for urgent questions in between the sessions

- 1900€

* For countries outside of Europe and Australia adjusted 1:1 bodywork session prices apply!...please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information :)

* payment plans for packages are available - please contact me via email !