Yoni Eggs - for your Pleasure, Exploration & Healing

Pleasure Up Your Life!

The offered Yoni Eggs are from the brand "Yoni Egg Rocks". They produce their eggs fair trade and hand select each stone, feel into it´s energy to then form it into a unique egg for you


Known as the Master Healing Crystal because it contains the full spectrum of light and works on every level to bring the body into balance. Strengthens and stabilizes the body’s energy fields and promotes harmony. Amplifies positive thoughts and stimulates positive action when it is needed. 

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Protects from negativity and fosters the wise use of power. It is said to be capable of discharging any amount of negative energy and is able to keep these energies away from the surroundings of the wearer. It’s a calming and strengthening stone. It’s useful to clear energies which might be stuck in your Yoni.

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It promotes wisdom, balance and peace: As it supports self-healing, it brings balance where it’s needed. Jade as a “dream stone,” it releases negative thoughts and irritability and soothes the mind.

Green Jade is an abundance stone, representing the flow of Divine energy into the reality of one’s life. 

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Amethyst helps to calm nerves, promotes sleep, cleanses your aura and transmutes negative energy.

It is very well known as a sobriety stone. It has been used to get rid of addictions & compulsive behaviors.

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Black Obsidian is an incredibly healing, grounding and protective stone. If you are wanting to clear negative energy, release ex-lovers or partners from your womb space or heal from a traumatic experience - black obsidian is the stone for you.

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Milky Quartz is associated with the crown chakra – our connection to the higher realms. It strengthens your intuition, aids in finalizing important decisions and also makes you more receptive to etheric messages & those from your heart.

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This is the stone of unconditional love, romance & forgiveness and brings emotions to the surface to re-connect to your heart. It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort.

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It is considered a Yoni Egg made of very gentle, yet powerful crystal that supports the unfolding of your feminine energies, encourages peace and harmony in all areas of your life & helps to create more balance in your life.

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This rare stone is said to reconnect you with your intuition & empathy. It leads the shadow parts from the darkness into the light and awakens our authentic woman that lives within us. It’s considered THE stone for beginning a new (life) phase.

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