Sexual Empowerment

for WOmen:

  • tantric body- and breath work

  • yoni massage and healing

  • sexual healing and emotional release

  • somatic sex education

  • pleasure activation

  • body image & self love healing


In the nowadays lifestyle most of us rarely find moments to calm down and to listen just to our body and what he wants to tell us. To reconnect to our natural power, to our life energy, which is also known as the sexual energy in tantra. Because of those energy blocks we often experience stagnation, tiredness, exhaustion or the feeling of not being motivated in all kind of different areas in our life.

Allowing ourselves to feel all our sensations, from pleasure to sadness, to joy, to pain is not really on the schedule what we get taught as children. 

But - oh! how energised we feel in those states!

Wouldn't it be awesome to transfer this energy into our daily life? Into making your relationships more loving and connected, your body more healthy or your purpose more clear and successful!?!


“I really didn’t know exactly what I was getting myself into but I knew that there is something for me in this experience.
I came out of this really truly feeling myself coming to balance within my physical and emotional self. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
It’s hard to describe exactly in words but I believe it is not only recommended but necessary for self awareness and growth to experience a tantric massage and Sanya is really such an amazing person to guide you through the process.
I even had a huge pain in my hip released! Didn’t even know that was possible through this way and how it is all so connected!”⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
- Thalia, 36, San Marcos, Guatemala


So are you wondering if this is for you?

Do you want to feel more active, alive and healthy?

Do you want to feel more pleasure and satisfaction in your life?

Do you want to finally love your body and yourself for who YOU are?

Do you want to feel no longer any shame or guilt for your sexual energy?

Do you want to create a life you truly love?

WHAT else will you get?

  • Feeling more connected to all parts of your body

  • Release trauma and emotional blockages

  • Tap into your feminine power

  • Feeling connected to yourself, be confident and radiant


I could trust Sanya

I journeyed with Sanya at the beginning of 2018 when I received my first yoni massage. Under her care I felt very safe and honored even though the process of receiving the yoni massage was more physically painful then I had anticipated, Sanya was able to provide nurturing and reassurance and go at the pace which I desired while giving me options to pause and express blocked emotions at anytime. I felt I could trust Sanya with this level of intimacy and trust while receiving the yoni massage. My end result is being a lot calmer with relationships and dating.

— Sarah, 35, Certified Cuddlist, Melbourne, Australia



Over the last two years I worked with more than hundred women. Many years I was denying my own femininity and thought I had nothing to offer to women. But when I opened up to the sweet calling of my soul to work with women, I just tapped into one of my greatest gifts: to work with women and support you to feel more connected to your vagina or yoni, to release trauma and emotional blockages, to tap into your feminine power and to be more confident and radiant to express who YOU are.

The Tantric Massage is a massage that supports you to reconnect to yourself and your life energy. It will help you to access your joy of life, your sacred power and pleasure on all levels. To leave shame and limiting beliefs behind and experience the gift of fully receiving - without having to give anything back.

In this safe space nothing has to happen! We will set clear boundaries and intentions and you are always in full control of what will happen. Leave with a good understanding of your anatomy and your own pleasure map.

This kind of sometimes dearmouring bodywork can bring up all kind of emotions - and all are welcome! Sadness, anger, irritation, laughter - by bringing them to the surface you will start to release them! To get rid of hidden emotions that might block you and create space for emotions and energy that will support you to move on in your personal development and life.

it’s time to feel your sexiness!

You will experience sensual and activating touch, unlocking energy blockages and spreading the energy in all your body. I work very intuitively and each session is a co-creation between me and the needs of the receiver - you.

Example (!) structure of a session:

  • To begin with we will have a introduction talk to find out together what it is that you want to get out of your session, create a safe container and set clear boundaries

  • We work with Meditation and Breath work to set the frame or the session and to teach you how to spread the energy in your body

  • Full Body back massage to allow your body to fully relax, get used to my touch and feel super comfortable and worshipped. Depending on your intention, the session might include the touch of your genitals. Again…there is no pressure or goal in this session!

  • Debriefing to bring you back into this world ;)


helps me to connect better to my sexuality

Sanya gave my first ever Yoni massage and it was great! At first, I was a bit nervous, but Sanya helped me to feel very comfortable and relaxed! She explained me in detail, what we will do and what others had experienced. I found it really great to hear that she had received Yoni massages herself and can therefore share from her own experience. The massage was definitely a new experience and hard to compare to something that I had done before. I definitely have the feeling that it helps me to connect better to my sexuality and ultimately to myself!

— Johanna, 29, Melbourne, Australia

clear your own shit - so that you can spread

love and joy! <3


  • singles sessions:

2,0 h   -    220€

2,5 h - 270€

3,0 h - 320€

(50€ add on for conscious kink elements)

* prices and duration are inclusive introduction talk, shower and end relaxation



  • 30 min consultation (to define your goal and what you want to achieve)

  • 6 one-on-one Tantric Bodywork sessions a 2,0 h

  • 3 one-on-one zoom coaching sessions 

  • weekly check in

  • lots of tools for your own practice and daily life

  • 3 guided meditations for your practice

  • juicy (non-compulsory) home practice to speed up your success

  • my availability for urgent questions in between the sessions

- 1700€

* For countries outside of Europe and Australia adjusted 1:1 bodywork session prices apply!...please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information :)

* payment plans for packages are available - please contact me via email !