Welcome, I am Sanya Alaya…

…i am working with women and men who are ready

to embrace their sexuality & sensuality

and to transform their emotional and physical pain into

a life full of pleasure, intimacy & freedom.

Love is my nature.

Pleasure is my power


With full focus on my needs as a client, Sanya guided me to some really precious breakthroughs in my own transformational journey by making use of her unique capacity to balanca awareness of the body and its energies, the intellect and its analyses as well as the soul and its wishes. Thank you Sanya!
— Magnus Fälth, Sweden






work with me:



Return to your Wholeness,

because you´ve always been whole! ♥


…healing deep-rooted traumas and wounds

After many years of experience in delivering and doing transformational work, I am coming to see the importance of addressing our healing on the level of the body. My work with Sanya has been a profound opening into this realm, and allowed me to experience the potential of healing deep-rooted traumas and wounds. Sanya’s getting is spot on, she is able to sense and notice hidden patterns and subtle energy movements that are way beneath the surface. She is gifted in providing really impactful experiences!

In my session, Sanya helped me face one of my biggest fears: the fear of physical pain. Thanks to Sanya’s compassionate yet incorruptible support in the session I was able to make friends with this fear, and open the door to healing and releasing it. I could see how my fear of engaging with my body was blocking me in so many ways, and how facing the pain and going through it consciously in a safe space can be truly liberating. After working with Sanya I feel way more connected with myself, and more available for my physical body and ready to honour it with a new level of totality and dedication. Thank you Sanya for your care, understanding, and support!

- Violetta Pleshakova, Transformational Trainer, Coach and Mentor

I am here to support women and men to transform their emotional and physical pain. To transform it into self love, connection, health, power and success.

To empower you to create a life YOU love! - A LIFE FULL OF PLEASURE.

Working with all our four bodies, the physical, the emotional, spiritual and mental, is how I see the biggest and honestly even only, chance for expansion and growth. At least this is how I finally got all my sh*t together :)

Integrating ALL our parts at once, instead of working on them separately. Uncovering shadows and blindspots, releasing shame, guilt and fears, building up self care and understanding, discovering needs and wishes and vision, unleashing and freeing pleasure and from there transforming life.

My work is always very intuitive and each session is a unique co-creation between me and you.

I work with elements of Sexological Bodywork, Life Coaching, Tantra, Tao, Dearmouring, Conscious Kink, Sexual Empowerment, Energy Work, Breathwork, Yoga and LOVE.

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hello you! … yes-you! :)

If you are curious now, have any question or want to book a session then please use the contact form below.

I’m more than happy to answer you as soon as possible!

Love, Sanya