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Welcome my Love,
I am Sanya Alaya

I am the founder of


and I support women to come into their body, power and pleasure ...

...through Somatic Coaching, Empleasurement Bodywork, Conscious Kink and Yoni Healing Work.

I am a somatic sexologist, specialized in holistic wellbeing and sexuality for women. 

My heart mission is to support woman to move beyond their childhood traumas, so that they can have a life full of happiness, pleasure, sensuality, self confidence and lust for life. 

I am trained and certified by the Sexological Bodywork Institute, Erotic School of Mysteries, Creative Consciousness Coaching Academy and as a Sex, Love and Relationship Coach by Layla Martin.

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Body Dearmouring

This session is perfect for creating better connection to yourself and to work with stuck emotions and trauma that are stored in your body.
After a coaching talk and a warm up massage I will use a specific technique that works with (gentle to medium) pressure on trigger points to release excess energy & to create flow in your whole system again.
This session is great as a single session or as preparation to go into Yoni Sessions with me.
Sessions take 2,5h - 320‚ā¨ or 3,5h - 440‚ā¨
and are happening in Berlin, Mitte.
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Online Coaching

Come back into your pleasure and sensuality, to find back to aliveness, self confidence and radiance!
In the sessions we will explore your patterns and your subconscious . I will guide you through embodied processes to be able to create new experiences and reference points in your brain, nervous system and soul, so that the shifts will be deep and long lasting. 
I am working with elements of  Tantra, Tao, Parts Work, Inner Child Work, Shadow Work, Aspecting, Meditation, Breathwork and Consciousness Coaching.
Online Sessions via zoom:
Straight forward coaching support on demand:
2h = 200‚ā¨ // 90min = 150‚ā¨
= Committment with Bonuses
home practice + zoom recording + 1 check-in via telegram between sessions (Not included in the single sessions)
3 x 2h sessions: 750‚ā¨
6 x 2h sessions: 1500‚ā¨
10 x 2h sessions: 2500‚ā¨
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Yoni Mapping & Dearmouring

Yoni Sessions are powerful sessions where we combine sensual & tantric touch with exploring your yoni to create more connection between you and her.
For deeper trauma work we can also apply the technique of Dearmouring to the outer and internal yoni if this feels aligned and valuable in the session. 
We always have an opening consultation to see what approach is best for you. All sessions are tailored to your individual needs!
If you have never had any Dearmouring and want to experience the Yoni Dearmouring, please contact me to see if you would need a Body Dearmouring Session first!
Sessions take¬†3,5h - 440‚ā¨
and are happening in Berlin, Mitte.
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Events &

One of my biggest passions is to guide groups into lived and embodied experiences and states of PERMISSION, PLEASURE & PURPOSE. 

Since 2017 I´ve been running numerous workshops, women circles, retreats and trainings around the world and am happy and blessed to  invite you to join me on your own journey of exploration, transformation and healing.

Please feel free to contact me if you unsure which one is the best for you!

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Podcast Interviews & Youtube Videos

German Podcasts:

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 English Podcasts and Videos:

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Online Deep Dive 1:1 Coaching

There¬īs no quick fix to any of your topics and deep devotion and comittment are, what is needed to shift and transform. I¬īm here to help you to come back to more self love, pleasure and radiance!


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