From Interior Architect To Somatic Sexologist & Empleasurement Coach.

Hello, Let Me Introduce Myself

I´m Sanya, Sanya Alaya, living in Berlin, Germany, 36 years old and a Somatic Sexologist & Empowerment Coach. I am a Tantric and Sexological Bodyworker on my path of healing, living my life to the fullest and constantly expanding my abilities to become a Holistic Practitioner of Coaching and Bodywork.

At the end of 2016 it took all my courage, quit my job, quit my flat, packed my backpack and left Germany to start my new life as a gypsy traveller.

I’ve spent more than a year in Asia where I started to learn bodywork from amazing teachers. A big art of my heart is still in Australia, where I could deepen my work and dive into a mindset of freedom and possibilities. Mexico and Guatemala allowed me to dive much deeper into my own practice of meditation and self inquiry. This deep inner peace is the cornerstone for my work and an amazing reflector and mirror for me and my clients.

I am living the life I always wanted. I am living my dream. With all its ups and downs, with breakthroughs and breakdowns, full of love and wonder.

After years of unconscious living against my nature, being a very quiet and shy child, always a top student, transitioning into wild teenage years, feeling disgusted by my premature body which lead me to years of bulimia, self destruction and depression. I started studying and thought that I got it all sorted.

Luckily my body was wiser than me. With the age of 16 she developed an autoimmune disease, hashimoto. I started taking medication and all seemed fine for a while. When I eventually took my first job as an Interior Architect in a big office, all the little issues my body had completely accumulated. My body started screaming. But what about? Yes, I didn’t fully love my job, yes, I had self confidence issues, yes, I still had a lot to digest from my past. But why would that bother me so much? I was great at playing strong and independent. Covering up my need for real connection, understanding and (self) love.

I ended up wit unbearable fatigue, joint pain, digestion issues and overall body pain. Fibromyalgia they called it. The books would tell me that I probably end up taking morphium with 40 as this disease will get worse and worse with the years. I made a decision. NO! THIS is NOT gonna be my life.

I eventually realized that I had to make a change in my life. I left my 9 to 7 office job, traveled to India, became a meditation and yoga teacher and began my own transforming awareness journey.

But It Wasn´t
Always Like This....

I Learned To Understand The Impact
Of My Childhood Traumas

My sexual abuse as a child, feeling overpowered by being the oldest of three children, helping a lot at home and not having a father who would be there for me. Emotional traumas. I learned to take them serious. To allow them to come out of that hidden corner where I had pushed them into, to not feel them. No no, I´m fine, I can do it all by myself - was only one of my self sabotaging beliefs I was strongly living by. My traumas might have been much smaller than yours or even bigger than yours - but traumas can not be measured by any size! Each and every trauma, as small or big as it might seem to another person, can still be extremely strong, limiting and harmful! Learning how to work with them and how to even use them to create a life I love, is the biggest steppingstone in my personal story towards happiness so far. Realizing that I am the creator of my thoughts and my reality. That I can literally design my life! Wow!

So Much Has Happened
And Changed Since Then!

Through the journey with the powerful "creative consciousness coaching academy", various personal transformation workshops, femininity workshops, sisterhood circles and tantra trainings I was able to step into a life that suits me. That is made for me. I worked on my beliefs, my mind, my thoughts, my conditioning, my shadows, my light and my own sensuality and sexuality. Stepping out of the life that other think is the correct one and creating my own version of it has been the most healing decision ever!

But I certainly wouldn’t have made it, if I had not found the great support that I found!

Trust, love and my own strong will are guiding and supporting me!

And yes! – I LOVE life. (finally)

I Transformed My
Pain Into Pleasure!

The level of physical and psychic healing I reached so far is stunning and still going on. When I was 26 years old I needed three or four painkillers a day to function. And now?...I don´t even remember when it was the last time that I had to take one!
And I know I made all those improvements, because I stopped fighting symptoms and eventually realized that I am made up of many different parts which work together. Because I now allow myself to be all that I am. To feel my emotions, to embrace my flaws, to step up for my wishes, to acknowledge the sexual being that I am and not to hide anymore.

To be wild and loud, silent and empathic, sad and angry, joyful and blissed out, sexy and kinky, tantric and sensual. Really! Living life with all it’s ups and downs and creating harmony through living all parts of life, not by dwelling in mediocre solutions…that’s my recipe!

I am whole and results can only be reached by embracing all parts of me. Trusting and returning to my wholeness.

My Heart Mission Is To Support Women On Their Way To An Aware, Conscious And Empowered Life Full Of Pleasure.

Embracing their physical and emotional pain, not pushing it away, but transforming it into pleasure. Using the gifts of the lessons we learned through the pain. Did you ever realize how strong it made you? What it taught you? It is such a gift! Such a important step on your soul’s mission!
To support you to reclaim your power and create a healed loving life that fulfills you.

To feel sensual and sexy as f***, to vibrate and feel alive, to allow yourself to be orgasmic and use that juicy energy to find all the motivation and energy that you need to create your awesome life.

I am trauma informed and combine my experience and techniques from Tantra, Tao, Shadow Work, Conscious Kink, Tantric Bodywork, Chi Nei Tsang, Dearmouring, Creative Consciousness CC® Coaching, Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation, Self Love Rituals and leading Women Circles to work with all our four bodies - the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical.

First healing the relationship with ourselves! I truly believe that from this regained wholeness everything else will fall into place and enable you to create a life full of awareness, joy and power - the life you always wanted to have, a life that you LOVE.

So It Was For Me And So It Will Be For You! What Would Become Possible If You Would Choose To Use Your Wings And Fly :)

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