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What is

EMPLEASUREMENT¬ģ¬†BODYWORK is a modality developed by me, Sanya Alaya,¬†a fusion of Tantra Massage, Tantric Bodywork, Sexological Bodywork, Dearmouring and Coaching.¬†

I am trauma- and tantrainformed and certified by the Institue of Sexological Bodywork, The Erotic Mystery School, Creative Consciousness Coaching (ICF) and a certified Sex, Love and Relationship Coach.

I worked with hundreds of women who came to me searching for more pleasure in their life, more confidence about their body, more sensations in their yoni, women who have stuck emotions or trauma and want to feel alive and in their power again. 

Women who want to be connected to their pleasure and lust for life. A life that feels happy, joyful and playful.

These sessions are designed for you to be able to come into a space where ALL OF YOU is welcome. You in your radiance, you as a mess. You in your sadness, numbness, you in your joy and bliss.

Most of us are wishing for a life that is beyond our childhood traumas. A life where we simply feel happy, joyful and playful.

But many of us have energy blofks in our body that come through trauma or stuck emotions. Our life force, our energy can¬īt flow anymore in our body and hence this stagnation starts to not only affect our physical wellbeing, but also starts to play out in our outside life.¬†

It can show up as tiredness, exhaustion or the feeling of not being motivated, difficult relationships or stagnation in your work.

When we want to feel joy and bliss again, we need to learn to feel all the other sensations too. Allowing ourselves to feel ALL our feelings, from pleasure to sadness, to joy, to pain is what will bring back our (lost) aliveness and happiness.

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  • NO rush towards √łrgasm
  • NO quick fix for your issues
  • NO focus on pl√¶sure as you might know it
  • NO mutual touch
  • NO bypassing and just receiving a treatment that will get you somewhere
  • NO "wellness" treatment¬†

The 3 potential focus points

of a session are:

Please note that in one session we can rarely focus on all these areas, as we want to work trauma friendly in tune with your body, not rush it or overwhelm you.

In these session we take great care to work WITH your body and not against it. 

Body Dearmouring

Dearmouring is a technique to release stuck emotions and trauma from the body, through pressing and holding trigger points. The touch, but also breath, sound movement and visualization help the blocked body parts to open up, so that your life force can freely flow again.

Possible triggerpoints: belly, solar plexus, hips, kidneys, psoas, heart, jaw and some more.

 Yoni Mapping

Yoni Mapping is a technique where all outer (and inner) parts of your yoni will be individually touched, so that you can learn how they really feel, what touch they like and which touch they don¬īt like.¬†

Especially inside the yoni many women are not able to know if I¬īm touching up, down, left or right. Through exploring this and creating a "map" you will learn to feel more in your yoni.

Yoni Dearmouring

Yoni dearmouring is a technique where we work with the stored emotions and trauma in your yoni. Through massage and holding of pressure points outside and inside of your yoni you will be able to release old traumas and to create more spaciousness and relaxation in your yoni.

This will help you to feel more, have deeper pleasure and more fulfilling orgasms.

Hear some experiences of women who worked with me:

(Example!) Structure of a Session

To begin with we will have a introduction talk to find out what it is that you want to get out of your session, create a space that feels safe, get clear about your boundaries, and desires and possibly go into coaching to prepare you for the session.

Then we start with a sensual and loving front and back  massage to allow your body to arrive, relax and get used to my touch and energy.

From there we will go into the first dearmouring spots on your front line. We might work with your belly, solar plexus, kidneys, psoas, heart or jaw to just name a few options. 

Depending on your intention and our agreements we might continue to your yoni.

We always ask her first! If your yoni is a No, we will not cross that, but lovingly respect her No. If it is a maybe we might find out what is needed and if it is a Yes we continue with yoni touch.

This might just be an outside massage, mapping or dearmouring or also incluide the inside. This again depends on your topic you are working on and on the remaining time left.

After the bodywork you will have integration time and we will have a debrief of what happened and came up. I also might share some homepractcie I recommend for your further journey.

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Voices of Women who worked with me:

After many years of experience in delivering and doing transformational work, I am coming to see the importance of addressing our healing on the level of the body. My work with Sanya has been a profound opening into this realm, and allowed me to experience the potential of healing deep-rooted traumas and wounds. Sanya’s getting is spot on, she is able to sense and notice hidden patterns and subtle energy movements that are way beneath the surface. She is gifted in providing really impactful experiences!

In my session, Sanya helped me face one of my biggest fears: the fear of physical pain. Thanks to Sanya’s compassionate yet incorruptible support in the session I was able to make friends with this fear, and open the door to healing and releasing it. I could see how my fear of engaging with my body was blocking me in so many ways, and how facing the pain and going through it consciously in a safe space can be truly liberating. After working with Sanya I feel way more connected with myself, and more available for my physical body and ready to honour it with a new level of totality and dedication. Thank you Sanya for your care, understanding, and support!

- Violetta Pleshakova, Transformational Trainer, Coach And Mentor

I really didn’t know exactly what I was getting myself into but I knew that there is something for me in this experience.
I came out of this really truly feeling myself coming to balance within my physical and emotional self.It’s hard to describe exactly in words but I believe it is not only recommended but necessary for self awareness and growth to experience a tantric massage and Sanya is really such an amazing person to guide you through the process.
I even had a huge pain in my hip released! Didn’t even know that was possible through this way and how it is all so connected!

- Thalia, 36, San Marcos, Guatemala

I journeyed with Sanya at the beginning of 2018 when I received my first yoni massage. Under her care I felt very safe and honored even though the process of receiving the yoni massage was more physically painful then I had anticipated, Sanya was able to provide nurturing and reassurance and go at the pace which I desired while giving me options to pause and express blocked emotions at anytime. I felt I could trust Sanya with this level of intimacy and trust while receiving the yoni massage. My end result is being a lot calmer with relationships and dating.

- Sarah, 35, Certified Cuddlist, Melbourne, Australia

Sanya gave my first ever Yoni massage and it was great! At first, I was a bit nervous, but Sanya helped me to feel very comfortable and relaxed! She explained me in detail, what we will do and what others had experienced. I found it really great to hear that she had received Yoni massages herself and can therefore share from her own experience. The massage was definitely a new experience and hard to compare to something that I had done before. I definitely have the feeling that it helps me to connect better to my sexuality and ultimately to myself!

- Johanna, 29, Melbourne, Australia

Frequently asked questions:

What is this bodywork good for?

EMPLEASURMENT¬ģ¬†Bodywork supports women to come into their body, accept themselves, release stuck emotions or trauma and find a new portal to their sexuality and pleasure. It can awaken dormant life force and sexual energy and it can bring one back to feeling more aliveness, pleasure and arousal.¬†We work with touch, sound, breath andmovement.

Do you start straight with the Yoni?

We always start with a consultation, clarifying needs, boundaries, experience and intention and only from there we move into bodywork. Through the presence, sensuality and softness of  Tantra Massage and Tantric Bodywork we allow the body to relax, before we go into working with Dearmouring on the body and/ or the outside and inside of the yoni. 

Isn¬īt Dearmouring quite violent?

My style of dearmouring is a rather soft one and my biggest principle is to always work WITH the body and not against it. Dearmouring is a technique to open and release pressure points that have stored old memories, emotions or patterns. Sometimes a lot of pressure is needed, yet sometimes simply love and attention can do the most.

Do we just work with the physical body?

Throughout the whole session we focus on arising emotions, internal pictures, thoughts and any other (physical or emotional) sensations. These arising inner landscapes are profound soil for transformation and a big part ofg the bodywork. We always close the session in a way that allows for integration of what happened.


2,5h Body Dearmouring


This session is perfect for creating better connection to yourself and free stuck emotions and trauma that are stored in your body and outside yoni (vulva).
After a coaching talk and a warm up massage I will use a specific technique that works with (gentle to medium) pressure on trigger points to release excess energy & to create flow in your whole system again.

1 x 3,5h Dearmouring & Yoni Session


Yoni Sessions are powerful sessions where we combine sensual & tantric touch with Yoni Mapping to create more connection between you and her.
For deeper trauma work we can also apply the technique of Dearmouring to the outer and internal yoni if this feels aligned and valuable in the session. 
We always have an opening consultation to see what approach is best for you. All sessions are tailored to your individual needs!
 There is never a guarantee that we will work in your irst session already with the yoni!

2 x 3,5h Dearmouring & Yoni Sessions


If you want to work on deeper and older topics or traumas I recommend to book a package of at least two sessions.
That way we have plenty of time to work with all layers of you - mind & soul through coaching, body through tantric touch and dearmouring and with your yoni through  apping and dearmouring with plenty of time and no rush.
If you want more sessions please ask me for further package and payment options!

Other options:


Tantra Massage for Women: 

This is a sensual massage for your relaxation, deeper connection to your body and awakening of your eros. Usually this massage does not include the inside of the yoni.¬†2,5h = 320‚ā¨¬†¬†


Pleasure Mapping / Empleasurement¬ģ¬†Flow¬†

A session to explore where on your body you feel pleasure, how to awaken it and how to maybe even amplify this pleasure. Exploring the expression of your Eros & Sensuality is also an option in this session.¬†2h = 250‚ā¨



Many women come with topics to me that require multipple sessions. In these cases I offer packages that are tailored to your individual needs. A package that is very often chosen is: 3 Onlince Coaching Sessions and 2 Bodywork Sessions.

PLEASE ASK ME FOR MORE INFORMATION and we will find out how to support you best!


* Before and after the session you can have a shower at the practice. This is part of the actual session time. 

* includes 19% VAT

** if you are short on finances, please mention this when scheduling your session. Tell me a bit about your situation and we will try to make it happen for you!

Online Deep Dive 1:1 Coaching

There¬īs no quick fix to any of your topics and deep devotion and comittment are, what is needed to shift and transform. I¬īm here to help you to come back to more self love, pleasure and radiance!

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