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Upcoming Events

The Empleasured‚ĄĘ Woman

Berlin, Germany

30. May - 02. June 2024

This retreat is for the woman who hears the calling to be led by her pleasure and say YES to orgasmic living!

This retreat is for all ages and levels to explore, expand and  embody their Orgasmic Potential and Lust for life.

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Taboo Festival

Berlin, Germany

6. - 9. June 2024

Enter The Mystic Picnic, a space where Shadow Work, Kink, and Darkness can be explored alongside the joyous spark that we bring to the world.

The workshops will encourage you to meet and express your sweetest taboos in a permissive environment, so you can be fully you.  

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Tantra Festival Switzerland

Twannberg Camps

12. - 16. June 2024

This 4-day immersion is an opportunity to dive into the tantric world and be guided by some of the top facilitators in the field.¬†I will be part of the healer team here,¬†offering 1:1 Empleasurement¬ģ Bodywork sessions to all genders.¬†


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Empleasurement¬ģ Bodywork - Level 1

UHU Nest Berlin

11. - 13. October

EMPLEASUREMENT¬ģ BODYWORK is a¬†fusion of Tantra Massage, Tantric Bodywork, Sexological Bodywork, Dearmouring and Coaching.

In these 3 days you will practice to give a partial Tantra Massage, to massage the Yoni (outside) and to dearmour three different spots.

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Past Events

Empleasurement¬ģ Bodywork Lev2¬†

03. - 05. Mai 2024


Eros & Kink for Women

14. April 2024


Empleasurement¬ģ Bodywork - Lev1

05. - 07. April 2024


Yoga Tage 2.0 - Conscious Living

14. - 18. March 2024


Poland Tantra Festival

12. - 17. March 2024


Ber√ľhrt - Yoni Dearmouring

10. März 2024 


Verbunden - Yoni Ei Ritual

10. März 2024


Empleasurement¬ģ ¬†Bodywork-Lev 1

24.- 26. November 2023


Eros & Kink Play Night

10. November 2023


F*CKIN FREE  mit rein&raus

10. - 12. November 2023


Göteborgs Tantra Festival

27. - 29. October 2023


Eros & Kink for Women

30. September 2023


Empleasurement¬ģ ¬†Bodywork-Lev 1¬†

11.- 13. August 2023


Voluptas Rising Women's Retreat

20 - 23. June 2023


Sensual Arts Retreat

May 26 - June 3 2023


S. Arts Facilitator Training

8. May - 19. May 2023


Eros & Kink for Women

15. April 2023


Online Deep Dive 1:1 Coaching

There¬īs no quick fix to any of your topics and deep devotion and comittment are, what is needed to shift and transform. I¬īm here to help you to come back to more self love, pleasure and radiance!



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