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7 essentials for magical Self Pleasure Rituals

What is the difference between masturbation and self pleasure?
And what are the benefits of a regular practice?

And even more important…HOW TO DO IT? How do you prepare yourself for a ritual with yourself? For a conscious time of touch, love, pleasure and no pressure or goal at all so that you can fully relax into the ocean of sensations that you are.

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How to get started with Tantra and Conscious Sexuality?

During my travel and especially since I'm working so much with Tantric Bodywork I get asked more and more "how to start?" How to start my journey of Tantra and Conscious Sexuality? Which retreats are good? Are there any appealing books? And what about some juicy podcasts?

Well….read on and find a summary of all my nuggets and diamonds that I found over the years

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