with Sanya, Bodywork, Coaching, Nature and lots of time for your pleasure...


Is it time for you 
to prioritize yourself?

Do you feel like you want a deep transformation in your life, but groups are just not your thing? Maybe because you are hypersensitive? Maybe because you have a high job position that doesn't allow you to join these events in a public setting and asks you to stay anonymous? 

Or maybe simply because you want to spoil your inner queen and want to have all attention on YOU?

This exclusive  1:1 retreat will not only take care of all the above, but also give you a personalized deep dive, like no single session could ever give you.

You will be lovingly and guided by Sanya and your personal mini retreat will give you your needed break from the world, time to recharge, deep insights into your internal world, a blossoming of your lust for life and confidence, nourishing touch and empowering bodywork for relaxation and a more orgasmic life. 

I see you woman!

You are successful, independent, taking care of yourself and the loved ones around you and you feel pretty happy and ok about your life. And you know there is more! 

You long to be held and have a space to surrender and put your needs at first. You long to have a break from responsibilities and chores.

You want to feel fully alive and enthusiastic again. And you long to really know what you want and to feel deep and satisfying pleasure on all levels. 

Yes, you have been struggling with challenges in your sexuality, self confidence, radiance, sense of aliveness and lust for life. 

 I've got you! - This mini retreat will support you in that and will be 100% tailored to YOUR needs. Come to your intimate 1:1 day retreat at my beautiful nature home outside of Berlin.

During this time, we will focus exclusively on YOU and your personal Empleasurement® and you will receive my fullest attention via a combination of Coaching Sessions, Empleasurement® Bodywork, Nature Connection Sessions in the forest and by the lake. 

Together we will create delicious, home cooked meals, prepared with fresh vegetables from a local permaculture farm and you may also sleep over in my home (depending on the package you book). I’m here for you, to support and nurture you into a place of aliveness again, to help you connect back to your body, mind, soul and EROS. 

This offer is for the woman who wants to go deep, see tangible results and reclaim her power, pleasure and purpose…

It’s truly magical to witness what can shift within us when we exit our habitual environments and allow ourselves to be held, witnessed, and supported by another woman. Wrapped in the cocoon of mother nature, we can experience a special kind of surrender…one that whispers answers in our ears and opens our soul to new perspectives. 

So I ask you, dear woman…does your heart wish to surrender? Is your body, mind, and spirit begging you to give it space to breathe and speak its truth?

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Advantages of your 1:1 retreat

  • During this time, we will focus exclusively on YOU and your personal Empleasurement® - meaning no distractions through other people´s energies, processes or questions 
  • No group dynamics to worry about and no social anxiety…just you, me, nature, touch, coaching and your inner world. 
  • Specific transmissions for your personal topics and deep dive into your unique journey.
  • Anonymity of your person and issues - no risk of exposure at a work, home, or social environment.
  • Short and to the essential core of it all. By working 1:1 we can go deeper, faster and more efficiently into YOUR transformation, than in any group setting.

You might ask youself:

"What topics will we cover? Why do I need this?"

  • I’m feeling disconnected from my body and disrupted in my flow, and am wanting to tune back into myself and my needs again, so I can experience deep fulfillment and satisfaction in my life

  • I feel a lack of aliveness, motivation and enthusiasm in my life and want to change that

  • I am longing to experience deep pleasure and orgasmic bliss on a physical, psychological and soul level

  • I experience challenges and blockages that hold me back from fully standing in my power and pleasure, but I don’t have the time or energy to go to a long retreat in a group setting.

  • I want to start living more orgasmically and feeling the pleasure of being alive, but I don’t know how to get there with just one bodywork or coaching session.

  • I want  deeper access to aliveness and access or release stuck emotions. 

  • I really need some caretaking and nourishment, to feel held and supported by another woman, because life has been wearing me down lately.

  • Time for myself and in nature and with myself is a rare gift I get to receive and I know it will be nourishing and enlivening for me

What's Included:

  • Somatic Coaching, Empleasurement® Bodywork and Nature Session according to the package you book (see below)
  • Sleepover in package 2 & 3
  • Home cooked meals and/or snacks, prepared together with fresh veggies from a local permaculture farm
  • Transport from and to station Bernau (20min from Berlin central station by train or S-bahn)
  • 45min Consultation Call to set the goals and clarify logistics
  • My full attention and transmission (except during resting time between 10pm - 8am)
  • Personal schedule adjusted to your desires and goals
  • Lots of laughter and fun
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What is Empleasurement® Bodywork about? And what is it NOT? 

EMPLEASUREMENT® BODYWORK is a modality developed by me, Sanya Alaya, a fusion of Tantra Massage, Tantric Bodywork, Sexological Bodywork, Dearmouring and Coaching. 

I am trauma- and tantrainformed and certified by the Institue of Sexological Bodywork, The Erotic Mystery School, Creative Consciousness Coaching (ICF) and a certified Sex, Love and Relationship Coach.

I worked with hundreds of women who came to me searching for more pleasure in their life, more confidence about their body, more sensations in their yoni, women who have stuck emotions or trauma and want to feel alive and in their power again. 

Read all about EMPLEASUREMENT® Bodywork here

Voices of Women who worked with me:

I had never met Sanya before but when you are in her presence, you get a sense that she is a powerful healer and facilitator.

Her ability to hold space made this retreat feel very safe and sacred, everything felt purposeful and mindful. Her years of experience in this wellness space is reflected in the wonderful curation of activities for us to get in touch with our Eros.

- Munirah R. , Germany

Sanya’s energy is soft and strong at the same time, she can hold space in an amazingly non-judgmental and playful and at the very time deeply courageous, honest and „real“ way.

She made me feel at ease with every „issue“ that came up and I felt super trustful in trying out aspects of myself, my body, my being, that I have never tried out before.

Through working with her I got in touch with my deeply sensual and sexual part, my wild woman as well as my maiden and innocence

- Corrie (name changed for privacy reasons), Germany

The weekend with Sanya was incredibly beautiful, eventful and educational. I'm leaving the weekend with:

  • more awareness of my touch and how I want to be touched 
  • the feeling of connection to myself and the parts of myself that I have disregarded in the past
  • Resolved an important blockage in my life
  • Empowered to further explore my body and mind connection

- Caroline L., Germany

Some Impressions of the Location:

Our warm bodywork space

Your cosy bed for the night

Enjoy the lush and green forest

Yummy veggies from the permaculture farm

Rest in the peaceful garden

Cleanse in the pure lake waters  

Pricing & Options:

Option 1 - 1 Day


This full day Retreat contains:
  • Bodywork session (12:00 - 15.30)
  • Snack
  • Nature or Art Session (16:30 - 18:30)




Option 2 - 1,5 Days


This full day Retreat contains:
  • Coaching session (12:00 - 13:30)
  • Light lunch
  • Bodywork Session (14:30 - 18:00)
  • Dinner & Sleepover
  • Nature or Art Session (9:00 - 11:00)
  • Breakfast
  • Empleasurement Flow & Coaching Session (12:30 - 15:00)

Option 3 - 1,5 Days DELUXE


This full day Retreat contains all the content of OPTION 2 and in addition:
  • 2hr Online Coaching session BEFORE the retreat
  • 2hr Online Coaching Session AFTER the retreat


Times can be adjusted to your personal preference!

* If you are a couple this is also available for you, but different structure and prices apply!

** if you want a longer stay or different sessions happening, contact me and together we'll create your dream journey! Send an email to [email protected]

 * prices are including 19% VAT

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